To see my conglomerate that will serve as a catalyst for change, contributing tangible improvements in the Philippines by 2030.


To provide world-class products and services that will benefit every Filipino.




We put God at the centre of everything.

Client Centric

We are responsible to our clients and we genuinely care


We apply integrity, innovation and discretion to everything we do


We communicate in a clear and transparent way


We are inclusive, collaborative and open and we empower our people

Positive Impact

We care about having a positive impact in society and helping create a sustainable world around us


  • Mr. Falwell R. Manzano  was born on 4 September 1992 into a humble family of hour in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.
  • Graduated in March 2012 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Engineering at Midway Maritime Foundation Inc. in Cabanatuan City, he pursued other line of industry and started working as an International Property Specialist (or known as Real Estate Agent) in August 2012.
  • Since 2012 up to present, he already delivered billions of sales every year to a partner-developer. Still tapping his inner financial capabilities, Mr. Manzano tried to diversify his investments through different types of real estate investments, stocks, mutual funds and among others.
  • In 2015, Mr. Manzano ventured to different businesses; from food franchising to modern and technology-based enterprises. Establishing and solely managing the businesses along with his full-time real estate career proved it to be a daunting task and responsibility. Mr. Manzano failed several times, but through time and experiences, he was able to craft and develop his own unique technique and ideas for his business plans.
  • Soon after, Mr. Manzano gave birth to his first business venture—the FRManzano Realty.
  • With his eagerness to help others, Mr. Manzano aims to establish a conglomerate that will provide jobs and opportunities to people, providing them a steady source of income with the objective also of improving the quality of life.


  • Falwell began his business journey as a boy who sells peanuts to his mother’s students, back when he was 13 yrs. old. By age 19, despite graduating with a non-business bachelor’s degree, Falwell ventured into real estate, which eventually turned into his bread and butter. Setting up his own brokerage and real estate development firm.
  • Falwell infused modern technologies into his business. In 2020, with the help of his in-house team of IT experts, Falwell launched NextGen, an ambitious mobile application, merging almost every other apps’ functionalities in one. For the past 9 years, Falwell has already visited a lot of countries, gaining insights and the required experiences to further enhance his business acumen. Among the things he brought back to the Philippines was his knowledge with RTW clothing, hence, FRM Wear was born.
  • Expanding his roots in the real estate industry, Falwell established his own hotel, Suites by FRM. Venturing into food and beverage industry, Falwell launched his own vision of a Japanese-Irish fusion pub, the Irish X Izakaya. Realizing the potential in health and fitness industry, Falwell launched FPSC (Falwell Premium Sports Club) , a fitness club, initially catering to his hotel customers.
  • Falwell intends to make his IPO debut in the next 5 years, even joining the NYSE in the last quarter of 2027. Falwell envisions to create 10,000-12,000 jobs for his fellow Nueva Ecijans by 2025, developing high quality products and services for everyone.


  • FRM Holdings and Investments is a group of companies that provide thousands of job opportunities locally and internationally. FRM aims to create million of jobs worldwide, specially for Filipinos that will provide reliable security of investment to its investors and partners.
  • FRM Holdings and Investments started its freelance operations in 2016 as FRManzano Realty (Self Funding), a Real Estate brokerage firm, with only 2 staff and 10 sellers.
  • In 2017, the group expanded to international sales operations by hiring part-time and full-time sellers.
  • In 2018, the team already has more or less 1,000 sellers globally
  • In 2019, the group started registering the company under the name FRManzano Realty and hired an I.T. group for their Artificial Intelligence business expansion (FRM Software & Advertising Corp.)
  • In 2020, the group changed its name to FRM Prime Realty Corporation and started the registration process. The company expands its business and operations to several industries, including technologies such as software, advertising, retailing, among others.


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